Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

The First Images New Toyota Yaris

The first images of the new Toyota Yaris in version 2011 have appeared online, the model new yaris that is ready to make one’s debut in the month of September to the Hall of Frankfurt 2011.  New Toyota Yaris distance of some day from the publication of the images of the Vitz, the Japanese version of our Yaris, has been published also the images of the destined version to Europe, than extension since the first more aggressive look.
The First Images New Toyota Yaris
The look of the Yaris new it proposes lines and marked regarding the old model, as the new calendars to V, this for appeals to also to the male public more. The modifications interest but also the inner ones, where a new placid to horizontal development is present that takes the place of that with the instrumentation to the centre.
The Yaris new increases also of dimensions, in fact it will be longer than 8,5 cm regarding the version it puts into effect them and it will have also a better habitability thanks to the increased step of 5 cm. MOTORS Sulk domestic market the Vitz comes proposed with two motors to gasoline, 1,0 from 68 CV and one 1,3 from 93 CV, bound together to the Start& system; Stop. Both would have to be confirmed also for the European market. Moreover there will be also tested turbo diesel the 1,4 from 90 CV.
The First Images New Toyota Yaris
The great innovation of New Toyota Yaris but will be the arrival of a hybrid version, with a motor 1,5 gasoline from 80 CV bound together to a electric motor fed from A batteries the Ionian ones of lithium. Price the new Toyota Yaris will be available on the market within the end of the year. The prices New Toyota Yaris will leave give approximately 11.000 Euros

BMW 328 Hommage, Celebration of the Bavarian

BMW 328 Hommage, Celebration of the Bavarian, deserve of being celebrated for decades, also after their escape from the market or the contests. BMW 328 is one of these and in occasion of the Thousand Miles and the Concurs’  Elegant of Villa of Este it has been introduced a modern car that it wants to be heir and celebration at the same time of that historical model of 75 years ago: BMW 328 Hommage.
BMW 328 Hommage, Celebration of the Bavarian
The 328 Hommage is an indeed remarkable car, above all for its total weight of single 780 kg. Practically! This result has been possible thanks to the construction of a auto body nearly totally composed of materials in carbon fibber, lighter, resistant and stable. Useless to say that regarding the used aluminium and to magnesium in past another technology is all, than then also in the materials used for the realization of the inner ones, that they offer  materials with to an elegance and a sportive with little comparisons.
BMW 328 Hommage, Celebration of the Bavarian
The motor is six cylinders from 3.000 cc, but strangely the house does not have intentional to more on the other characteristics. “The Hommage automobiles have a tradition in BMW Group. Faithful to the not star philosophy of design „Rooted in History, moving forward in Design “they met- tone to the light the meaning of the history for the modern era.
BMW 328 Hommage, Celebration of the Bavarian was a symbol of sportive and agilities caught up through construe- the zone in light materials. The BMW 328 Hommage Car renders honour to this past and illustrates as BMW means to develop lightweight the design: the carbon of BMW 328 Hommage is the mate- rile of the future,” has declared designer the Adrian van Hooydonk.

Porsche Cajun, New Information on the Crossover of Luxury

Porsche Cajun, New Information on the Crossover of Luxury. Are emerged some hours ago new details with respect to the fifth model of the range Porsche Cajun, than the company it will assemble to Lipsia, in Germany, and that it will arrive on the market in the course of year 2013: the Sport Utility Vehicle of medium dimensions already has been confirmed from the society of Zuffenhausen, that it means to buy up a new slice of the segment of the SUV of luxury and to obtain a new dose of consents, assaulting an unknown river basin of user (immense than that one than Porsche Cayenne, the other SUV of the range).
The new Porsche Cajun will be realized on the platform of Q5 Audios and will adopt the same system of integral traction called Four; however, the automotive house of the Cavallina will equip the car with a new system of suspensions and a new refraining system. In order to differentiate the sport car Porsche from that of Ingolstadt at best, the Volkswagen Group has given the responsibility of the aesthetic aspect to Walter De Silva: the promises are an aggressive auto body and a cured snide, with the same one placid centres them of the second generation of Porsche Cayenne and of the coupé to four doors Porsche Panamera.

The new Porsche Cajun could be equipped with the motor 2,0 litters TFSI gasoline from 211 horses and with the motor 3,0 litters V6 TFSI gasoline from 300 horses and 350 horses, with the motor 2,0 diesel litters TDI from 200 horses and with the motor 3,0 litters diesel V6 TDI from 245 horses and 313 horses. It is not excluded that Cajun can be endowed of the new motor 4,0 V8 litters gasoline twin-upsets, produced from Audi and Bentley, and of a geometry hybrid, similar to that of Audios Q5 Hybrid.

Probably, the SUV will be equipped with the manual transmission standard to six maces and with the automatic transmission double clutch PDK at call. The indiscretions, at last about Porsche Cajun, New Information on the Crossover of Luxury, assert that the automotive house of the Cavallina in Stockade will produce also to a version three doors of Porsche Cajun.

Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

Ferrari, New info on the Supercar that it Will Replace Coupe the 599 GTB Fiorano

The car that will pension Ferrari 599? It will be ready during the next year (in the second part, probably): the Italian automotive house of Fiat S.p.A has decided to discard the hypothesis to produce maquillage for the existing a great tourism (what that it had previewed, previously) and to dedicate themselves sin from hour to the development of an entire new model. That it will not have to that to that is make with that one existing (Ferrari 599): the brand of the Rampante Little horse, in fact, it has chosen to use the new Ferrari FF, the most recent planned vehicle to Maranello, like base for giving to form and life to the new supercar, than still it does not have name. You will want to know some characteristics and you will want to understand in that measure the sport new coupé will to Ferrari FF.
That the emiliana automotive house does not have intention some to equip the car that will pension Ferrari 599 with four drive wheels (of which instead Ferrari Four is equipped): the supercar it will be still characterized, like it is today 599, from the posterior traction. And from the motor installed in front position (the mechanical outline – you will have understood – excessive will not be modified): a V12, inhaled, engine, apt to supply 700 horses to the skilful foot of the pilot (draft of the 6,3 litters of FF, new planning).
Inside lodged of a steel skeleton (the chassis of this coupé Ferrari), the motor of the sport new will be dominated from the same transmission of FF and 458 Ferrari Italy: the sportswoman who will pension 599 will be managed, that is, from a change to seven maces. Cos’altro we can say? That the auto body of these new car of Maranello will be realized with some panels in material composites (lighter), than the great tourism in object will be more careful to the consumption and more efficient as regards emissions (is probable that brand the crews with the Start& system; Stop), than the sportswoman who will pension Ferrari 599 it will be equipped with a new one differentiates them electronic posterior.

Hyundai I40: After the Wagon, the Sedan Arrives

Show of Barcelona will be introduced to the Motor. It will arrive in the concessionaires within the familiar one will be ordinarily dall summer. IT IS BORN IN EUROPE – the Hyundai has diffused the first sketch that anticipates the version sedan of the i40: show of Barcelona will be introduced officially 12 May in occasion of the Motor. Like the familiar version, shown to the Hall of Geneva, also i40 the sedan has been designed from the centre European style of the Korean house that has centre to Russelsheim, in Germany. SPINNING LINE – Like extension the design, with the enough spiovente roof, as it goes of peels today.
Quest’ last it has large finale that grow tall until on the flank carved from a showy ribbing, and I point out of spoiler integrated in the form of the cowling baggage car. The facade and the inner ones, instead, would not have to introduce differences regarding those of the wagon (in the photo under) .STESSA MECHANICAL – Al moment the Hyundai has not supplied technical details on i40 the sedan, but this version would have to propose dimensions similar to that of the wagon: 477 cm of length, 182 of width and 147 of height. From quest’ last, moreover, it would have to trace the range with motors to direct engine injection 1,6 from 135 CV and 2,0 from 177 CV and turbo diesel the 1,7 declined in two levels of power: 116 and 136 CV. The change can be manual or automatic rifle, always to six maces.

Bentley Continental GT 2011: the English History, Sport Cars and Secret Agents 007

Bentley Continental GT 2011 : the English History, Sport Cars and Secret Agents 007 in the next entitled film Blanche Papers, in knows them cinematographic in 2012. Therefore, it is returned to the origins considering that author of the saga, Ian Fleming, own to a Bentley thought in its first story Casino Royal, or not, considering that the centre of the scene will be occupied from the new Continental GT, car loaded with innovation, spur under skin.
According to the English press, Continental GT is a sportswoman in a various, more tenuous and elegant way of the exasperated European colleagues, a choice of field that the brand of Crewe very defends with heavy a long car 480 centimetres and 2,320 kg, mitigated from the power of 575 Cv of renewed motor the 12 cylinders to V double from 6 litters, from the integral traction of German stamp and optimal automatic gearshift ZF to six speed, only able to manage a brace engine of 700 Nm to the inezia of 1.700 turns to the minute.
Effect “sling” is insured person, not as well as in the data of acceleration 0-100 km/h of 4,6 second ones, how much above all in the clamorous times of resumption 50-80 km/h and 80-120 km/h, 1,7 and 2,9 respective second ones. The maximum speed is of 318 km/h, the medium consumption of 16,5 l/100 km that they go up to 25,4 l/100 km in city remain prohibitive, and the innovations will not be made to wait for. The new Bentley Continental GT, arrived from little weeks on the market, is ready to according to debut with an unknown V8 motorization to direct injection signed Audi, able to cut to the consumption of 40% a lot in varying upsets that in that I biopsied to high upgrades them. Same strategy of BMW and Mercedes, this is not a case.

Audi R8 GT Spyder Open Sky of 560 Horses

Audi R8 GT Spyder Open Sky of 560 Horses, produced in single 333 exemplary in sale beginning from beyond 207.000 Euros, the new Audi R8 GT Spyder will go to place side by side itself to the version coupe. Push from the V10 motorization 5,2 FSI from 560 horses, in coupling to the R-tronic change to 6 relationships and to the integral traction with viscous joint, the new R8 Audi promises performances from supercar of race: the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h will be covered in single 3,8 second ones and the maximum speed will be equal to 317 km/h. Regarding the version standard the new R8 GT Spyder will be made to recognize for the circles in alloy from 19 inches from the specific design, for the lowered order of 10 centimetres: salting to edge, between the many innovations, the new seats with telaietto will not lack in glass fibber.